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Roof Inspections in Redmond, WA

Establish a clear understanding of the health of your structure by scheduling one of our exhaustive roof inspections in Redmond, WA. Only a licensed and bonded company should be examining the structural elements of your roof, both inside and out, to determine if any repairs may be needed. A qualified roofing inspection professional is capable of identifying small issues that may not be apparent from a visual examination from the ground.

TCG Inc. is the roof inspection company of choice for many smart homeowners and business that are concerned with the potential for mold infestation and other threats. Our inspectors are focused on giving you a clear vision of the health of your roof. If a minor repair is needed, they can recommend that process and give you a free estimate of the costs involved. Should you delay a needed repair out of concern for cost, this delay could end up costing you a great deal more than you anticipated.

Choose a roof inspection service that takes the time to review even the smallest of details. A minor impact from hail could disturb the gravel that makes up the exterior of an asphalt shingle. As the wind begins to shake loose this material, the underside of the shingle could be prone to failure. Our inspection team is capable of identifying this type of issue, even though everything may look perfect from below. When a subsequent storm blows through, you will be glad you got a comprehensive inspection from a contractor with experience.

An Informative Roof Inspection Company

Leave nothing to chance after a catastrophic storm has passed, and contact our roof inspection company for a complete evaluation of your roof. Our inspection teams have the proper safety equipment and a quarter-century of experience to draw upon. They have installed and repaired many of the prominent roofing materials used for area homes. This gives them a keen insight on what could be at fault for small leaks or issues with mold.

Mold poses a health risk to your family, and it could lead to your home being declared a total loss. When you are considering selling your home, the smart move involves getting a complete mold inspection with your roofing review. Once an issue has been found, the contractors from our roof repair company are prepared to provide you with an affordable solution.

Roof Inspector in Redmond, WA

A Respected Roof Inspection Service

Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the issues affecting the value and stability of your home by taking advantage of our roof inspection service. If minor repairs are needed, this service is a great way to identify those issues before they become a threat to the health of your home and your family.

Contact us today and get a free mold inspection with any of our meticulous roof inspections. We proudly serve customers in Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville, Kirkland, and Sammamish, Washington, and surrounding communities.