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Slate Roofing in Redmond, WA

Take full advantage of the stunning beauty and timeless value of our slate roofing in Redmond, WA. When you are ready to make a serious investment in the value and strength of any structure TCG Inc. is ready to provide you with options that are capable of lasting for generations. Our slate and tile roofing is capable of resisting high-intensity winds and fires while maintaining a traditional look that is sure to get noticed.

Add a layer of protection to your roof that will enhance the value and appeal of your home. Our roofing professionals have the right tools and the proper installation process for this variety of stone roofing. The striking appearance is just one of the advantages that this level of investment provides. Many roofing teams are incapable of hoisting and cutting natural stone, so it makes sense to hire a roofing company with a proven track record of experience.

Start the planning process for your next renovation or slate roof installation project by contacting our team for a consultation. Our contractors can provide you with a variety of options when it comes to colors and patterns that are possible with your particular home. Although there is a serious investment involved with roofs made from natural stone and tile, the investment will serve you well for generations and beyond.

Tiled Roof in Redmond, WA

Traditional Tile Roofing

Make an impact in your community and set the standard for style and elegance by choosing tile roofing for your home. Tile is a great way to set your home apart from the other ordinary homes on your block, and the cost-savings you realize over the lifespan of the home more than make up for the initial investment. The installation process for tile roofs is more sophisticated than other less-durable materials, so choose the right installation contractor for your next project.

Specialized Slate Roof Installation

Many types of roofing only require a contractor to install, but stone and slate roof installation is a different story altogether. The next time you schedule a roof inspection at your home, ask about the costs and benefits associated with a new slate roof. You may be surprised at what is possible at your home, when you ready to make a commitment to natural slate roofing. This material can be reused if you should modify your home at some later date, so this material is a wise investment on the part of any homeowner in our area.

Contact us today for slate roofing and get a discount of $500 on the cost of any of our high-end roofs. We proudly serve customers in Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville, Kirkland, and Sammamish, Washington, and surrounding communities.